Q: Are we new?

A: While our delivery service is new, the company behind it, Direct Global/Direct Co-ops, was founded in 2013 as a buying group for small and medium-sized businesses. After helping the Kensington Market community in Toronto in stopping a Walmart from opening and destroying hundreds of small mom and pop shops, the group evolved into a co-op platform allowing businesses and co-ops to come together to lower their costs and compete with the largest big box stores and online companies. More about Direct Global/Direct Co-ops here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1cDh-BtEsQ

Q: How are we different from the competition?

A: The service is the same, except we made it fair for everyone - vendors, couriers and consumers. Vendors are only charged 5% per transaction (as opposed to 20-35% with the competitors), with no additional or hidden fees. Couriers get 90% of the delivery fee with equity in the co-operative, voting rights and more. Consumers get to save at least 20%, since vendors don’t have to raise their prices to account for the service fees.

Q: When are we launching?

A: Direct Local Eats will launch in each city upon reaching the minimum number of drivers there (1,000 drivers for each major city, or proportional to the size of the population). We are currently operating in Toronto and Guelph and preparing to expand to all of Canada and USA.

Driver Questions

Q: How do I become a driver/courier for Direct Local Eats?

A: First step is to join our driver-owned co-op as a member. To start, please visit Local Driver Co-op and watch the about us video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhIWhjiMGxs

Q: How much money can I make with Direct Local Eats?

A: We charge customers $0.70 per km or a minimum of $5. Drivers receive 90% of that.

Q: Do we provide insurance?

A: Delivery couriers don’t need insurance to deliver food for Direct Local Eats.

Q: Do we provide insulated bags?

A: Insulated bags and other merchandise will be made available to couriers at a low cost.

Vendor Questions

Q: Do we provide a tablet?

A: While Direct Local Eats’ vendor control panel can be accessed through a browser on any Android tablet or a PC, we will be offering low-cost Android tablets to vendors who need them.

Q: How do vendors know when orders are received?

A: When logged into the vendor control panel, you will hear an intermittent sound each time an order comes in. You also have the option of receiving an SMS with the order details. Orders can be printed via the control panel as they come in.

Q: How often do we pay?

A: Vendors can submit payment requests at any time. We pay within 24-48 business days of receiving a payment request for the available balance. Please note that to mitigate any charge-backs from the credit card companies, it may take up to 2 weeks for the balance from an order to clear.

Q: Are we able to print your orders?

A: Yes - you have the option to print your order as soon as it shows up in your control panel.

Q: Will Direct Local Eats sync with our POS system?

A: We currently do not offer integration with any existing POS systems, however we do plan on providing full integration in the near future.

Q: Who can access the account? Do you have tiered access?

A: Yes, you can set up tiered access for your account. In your main menu, click "User" and "Add New", to set up a new account.

Q: If restaurant is busy and does not hear or see the notification for an order…will we be given a phone call to make us aware of placed order?

A: Once an order is received, you will hear an intermittent sound (every 10 seconds) until you take action. We will be adding an automated phone call in the near future, for orders that remain unattended.

Q. Is there an option to provide pickup instructions to drivers at the restaurant? I.e. to come to back door

A: This option will be added in a future update, via push notification or SMS.

Q. Will there be an option for charge backs to customers, who request additional items? i.e. extra sauce or replace one item with another

A: This will be considered as an additional feature. For now, customers can coordinate directly with the restaurant and order the extra item(s) by checking out with the pickup option.

Q. Can drivers be tracked before pickup of order and during delivery of order?

A: No, once an order is ready for pickup, all drivers within a 2km radius will receive a pending delivery job notification. The first driver to accept, will get the job and the vendor will receive a notification that the driver is on the way to pickup the order. Vendors cannot track the location of the driver.

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